IAPH Membership

Membership of the IAPH is open to historians trained or working in Ireland as well as international historians and scholars with an expertise or interest in historical studies.

Membership Benefits

We provide members with access to professional development training, subsidised by the association. We support members by promoting their work and publications in a public platform.

Members’ Directory

Each member has a profile page on the website as part of your password protected membership, The Directory is keyword searchable.

Networking Events

IAPH hosts events for sharing research and meeting other historians, such as research nights and lectures.


We hold workshops, and training on topics of interest to our members, such as publishing and improving research techniques.


We support members’ work with competitive funding for research, study, and travel.

Member Discounts

We provide access to a range of discounts from publishers of history texts and journals.

How the Peer Review process works

Historians who do not hold a PhD will be peer reviewed by the IAPH Committee; we welcome historians who have a made significant contributions the field of history.

Membership Types

We encourage membership at differing levels of experience and career progression in service of a vibrant and engaged community of historical discourse.

Graduate Historian

15 Per year
  • Members who are graduate historians should hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and be enrolled in a PhD programme in history or a cognate subject.
    Applicants should contact secretary@irishhistorians.ie with details of their PhD programme and supervisor before paying the membership fee.

Early Career Historian​

15 Per year
  • Postdoctoral researchers and those who have recently completed a Phd (within the last five years) are eligible to apply for membership as early career historians. ​

Professional Historian

40 (Unwaged €15)​
  • Professional historians should hold a PhD in history or a cognate field.

Professional Historian with Significant Contribution

40 (Unwaged €15)​
  • Historians who do not hold a PhD but have made significant contributions to the field may apply to join subject to peer review.
    Please contact info@irishhistorians.ie for details of the peer review process before paying the membership fee.

Unsure of what to choose ? Get in touch with us

Once you select your membership type and complete your payment, you will be able to set up your account and begin to create your profile in the Members’ Directory. You will also be notified by email of new events and information relevant to members.

Any questions?

Please contact us if you have questions that we can help you with. The association is committed to developing an active community andmembers are strongly encouraged to email the committee with ideas for future events and development.

Membership FAQs

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