IAPH Book Launch Support

Irish Association of Professional Historians: book launch support

Members of the Irish Association of Professional Historians in good standing are now entitled to apply for support with the organisation and hosting of a book launch event anywhere on the island of Ireland. This will be subject to applicants specifying event costs and support required in advance, so that IAPH Committee can give due consideration and assess available resources.

Sale and Return Books

The IAPH is happy to assist members in utilising the sale and return on books operated by certain publishers to make copies available for sale at the launch event. This means that the IAPH will purchase a number of books and transport them to the member’s home or work address or book launch venue, where they can be sold at the launch event.

IAPH will then organise for the return of any books not sold. In doing so, the IAPH is happy to undertake a small degree of administration and liaison with the publisher.

The recipient must commit to reimburse to the Association in a timely manner by the means dictated by the Association (e.g. PayPal, Bank Transfer) the cost price of any copies sold.


The IAPH is happy to provide a small bursary for refreshments for the event. This will be provided in the form of a full or partial reimbursement after the event and upon receipt of vouched expenses.

The IAPH will also advertise the book launch via the mailing list and social media profiles.

Terms and Conditions

Support from the IAPH is subject to the member agreeing to the following conditions:

  1. The IAPH pop-up banner is to be prominently displayed at the event
  2. The IAPH is to be acknowledged for its support during the event and on any web pages or social media posts related to the event
  3. The IAPH logo is to be displayed on any web pages and printed literature related to the event or on any slides used during the event

To apply for Book Launch Support, please complete the Application Form (two pages) and submit to info@irishhistorians.ie with the subject line ‘Book Launch Support’.

Applications will receive written confirmation of the decision of the Association and, if applicable, the maximum expenditure the IAPH is willing to cover. Applications should be submitted at least two months prior to the planned event, to facilitate review and both support planning and implementation.