IAPH Affiliation for Members

Members of the Irish Association of Professional Historians in good standing who do not have a current academic affiliation are now entitled to apply to use the IAPH as their primary academic affiliation. This may be used for job, grant, or other applications; for conferences and other speaking engagements; on publications and email signatures; or in any circumstance where the member feels it may be advantageous.

From the time of a successful application, entitlement to use the IAPH affiliation will apply for the period(s) covered by the members’ subscription fees. Entitlement will lapse on expiry of membership but can be renewed without subsequent application on payment of fees.

The IAPH reserves the right to formally request that any person found to be using the IAPH as their primary academic affiliation after their subscription fees have lapsed or deemed to be using it inappropriately to cease and desist in using the affiliation.

The Irish Association of Professional Historians takes no responsibility for any activities or views published or presented by a member who uses the affiliation. Any public declarations or utterances cannot be taken to represent the views of the Association.

To apply for affiliation rights, please complete the Application Form (which is found in the Members’ Area) and submit to info@irishhistorians.ie with the subject line ‘Affiliation’. Applications will receive written confirmation of the decision of the Association.