IAPH Members’ Update – September 2014

Welcome to the IAPH members’ update.

Committee: We are delighted to welcome three new committee members: Dr Liam Chambers (Limerick), Dr Eoin Kinsella (Dublin) and Dr Kevin O’Sullivan (Galway).
Publication Workshop: The IAPH will be holding its next workshop in Dublin in November 2014. This will be a Publications Workshop at which we propose that issues such as ‘writing an effective book proposal, turning the PhD into a book, and writing for an academic audience/writing for a general audience’ be addressed.  If there are any other issues any of you would like to see included do please email us at info@iaph.ie. 
Historians and Heritage: A workshop will be held in Belfast in January 2015 which will look at the relationship between historians and the heritage sector. There will be three panels of speakers addressing ‘Research Impact’, ‘Funding’ and ‘Tourism and Heritage’. The workshop will be of value to anyone who wants to build community engagement or impact into his or her research and it will provide information on funding and collaborative opportunities outside the university systems. More details will follow.