We are the Irish Association of Professional Historians

Promoting excellence in historical research and encouraging the study of
the past among professionals and the public. 

About the Association

The Irish Association of Professional Historians (IAPH) represents a community of professional and graduate historians operating inside and outside the academy, encompassing a range of historical disciplines. We provide access quality assured professional historical services for individuals, groups and organisations through a database of member profiles.

Access a broad range of experts

Our Members’ Directory hosts profiles of historians covering a wide range of disciplines and areas of special expertise.
Many of them offer services to media, academia, organisations,and others who require expert historical skills.

Becoming a Member

Membership of the IAPH is open to historians trained or working in Ireland as well as
international historians and scholars with an expertise or interest in historical studies.
The IAPH provides a platform and an affiliation for historians working across all
fields, operating inside and outside the academy. We accept applications from both
professional and graduate historians.

News and Events

Get in touch to find out more

Please contact us for more information about IAPH. Our Contact page lists email addresses for queries about membership, events, and information on finding historians.